[FFmpeg-devel] FFmpeg Basics

Frantisek Korbel programmer at EcologyFund.net
Thu Jan 10 12:34:45 CET 2013

Dear all,
please allow to introduce a new book FFmpeg Basics that
already received several positive reviews from LinkedIn
groups for video experts, one review is attached.
Please can you add the next code to the bottom of documentation.html:
<li><a href="http://ffmpeg.tv">Book FFmpeg Basics</a>
by Frantisek Korbel, describes various FFmpeg features and 
common tasks.</li>

Please the book style is user-friendly, it contains many
examples, images and tables and is available in paperback
and PDF form
Please I know you are busy and this book can save the time
of developers so that users can find answers to many tasks
and do not post repeated questions.
Thank you and best wishes,
Frantisek Korbel
Zend Certified Engineer

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