[FFmpeg-devel] Streaming to ffserver

ffmpeg-devel at ballcam.com ffmpeg-devel at ballcam.com
Sat Jan 19 22:44:58 CET 2013

What is the simplest method to stream to ffserver, with a minimal C program, or
Perl Script?

I looked at a stream with Wireshark, and likewise, ffserver output indicates
a GET/POST setup, but I am having trouble posting a file with wget. (It works
ok if I use ffmpeg).

I would like to write a simple sending program to ffserver, without having to call
ffmpeg to do it. Can you help?

User-Agent, and Content-Type likely have to be specified correctly, anything else 
I need to know? (The source and the Docs are not exactly clear).


BallCam Technologies Inc.

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