[FFmpeg-devel] dcp encoding + new pixel format request/sponsorship

Michaël Cinquin mc at michaelcinquin.com
Mon Jan 21 19:15:02 CET 2013


I just sent my first pull request from my first commits on GitHub : michaelcinquin.com:master.

The pull request is about adding an rgb2xyz av_filter, which enables the processing of colors for digital cinema, from sRGB colorspace to XYZ, based on a 3x3 color matrix. This will hopefully make FFmpeg more useful for DCP encoding.

There is one last show-stopper for making FFmpeg the main tool of opensource DCP encoding.

FFmpeg does not support saving to RGB 3x12 bpp formats : this means we cannot output the 12-bit files necessary for Digital Cinema. Without a new pixel format, one has to save TIFFs out of ffmpeg, then encode them to j2K with another tool, which as far as I know cannot be piped.

Could I get help or sponsor the development of a new pixel format that will enable libopenjpeg to save 12 bips per channel J2K ?

best regards

Michael Cinquin

PS : this is my first contribution to opensource software, and my first post on a developper mailing list. Please don't be too harsh if I'm doing something wrong

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