[FFmpeg-devel] mpegtsenc T-STD compliance

Kieran Kunhya kierank at ob-encoder.com
Tue Jan 22 19:59:18 CET 2013

On Tue, Jan 22, 2013 at 11:40 AM, Dominguez Bonini, David
<david.dominguez at ikusi.com> wrote:
> Anyone working on making the MPEG-2 TS muxer T-STD compliant when in CBR mode?
> I think the TS muxer is very close to be usable in professional muxing applications, this is the only big thing that is missing. I would like to work on it, but maybe someone is doing it already. Anyone?

The fundamental problem with making it T-STD compliant is that it will
only be ever T-STD compliant in certain cases.
FFmpeg has no understanding of VBV-related timestamps (along with the
necessary offsets for all other timestamps) and some sort of API to
pass through precise timing information per packet in a remuxer
involves writing a ton of MPEG-TS specific features to the API. Even
more so now that streaming uses of MPEG-TS push the false reality that
you can remux *any* file into a legal MPEG-TS with nonsense such as TS
timestamps starting from zero.

It largely depends on what you want to do with the mux - encoding
MPEG-2 or encoding with x264 is the easiest (x264 has the right VBV
output information). At the same time you may break Apple streaming
and the likes which at the moment have more FFmpeg users than
professional television encoding.

I can provide guidance for making it T-STD compliant.

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