[FFmpeg-devel] Status of yadif relicensing efforts and some general remarks on options of generating money for the project/developers

Derek Buitenhuis derek.buitenhuis at gmail.com
Thu Jul 4 21:56:16 CEST 2013

On 7/4/2013 5:51 AM, Robert Krüger wrote:
> 1) Someone would have to come up with a license agreement that works
> for that purpose that is agreed upon by all contributors of yadif
> 2) When someone is interested in licensing yadif there would have to
> be a defined pricing model or someone would have to volunteer to
> negotiate each individual case
> 3) The license would need to protect the contributors from any claims
> by the licensees. GPL/LGPL are AFAICS proven in that I don't know of a
> case where there has been a liability suit against an OSS contributor
> for such a license (this may be as simple as copying the warranty
> section of LGPL but IANAL so one would have to be asked and probably
> paid)
> 4) To make further development by new contributors feasible, there
> would have to be a legal agreement which those contributors would need
> to sign to empower a legal entity that then acts as a copyright holder
> and hands out and charges for licenses to interested parties (this is
> something that e.g. is done by Oracle with contributions to their
> Open-Source Java Development Kit). Anything else would result in a lot
> of administration hassle if new contributors come in because otherwise
> everything would have to be negotiated again among all contributors.

5) Taxes.

- Derek

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