[FFmpeg-devel] Jpeg2000 decoders comparison

Nicolas BERTRAND nicoinattendu at gmail.com
Thu Jul 4 22:34:06 CEST 2013

I made some perf test to compare jpeg2000 native deocoder with libopenjpeg.
I compared the perfs according the number of threads allocated and the 
number of resolutions levels (lowres)

The strange stuff is: in a many core machine( bi xeon, so 12coresx2) , 
the jpeg2000 decoder is blocled at some fps, and addition of cores no 
help at all. In reverse with libopenjpeg more we add core, more the 
decode is fast.
In a 4 coresx2 machines. the results are more as expected, and native 
jpeg2000 decoder is faster in almost all cases.

In native jpeg2000 decoder, code looks somewhere blocked or still 
waiting. But where or how? Right now, no idea why.

The results and comments are detailed here: 



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