[FFmpeg-devel] Question regarding adjusting FATE test

Bernie Habermeier bernt at wulfram.com
Sun Jul 21 11:28:31 CEST 2013

I'd like to submit a patch that implements CueRelativePosition for matroska.  But given that it changes the output video file, I believe the FATE test for fate-lavf-mkv breaks, given it's no longer byte identical:

BernieMac:ffmpeg bernie$ make && make fate-lavf-mkv
TEST    lavf-mkv
--- ./tests/ref/lavf/mkv	2013-07-17 11:12:48.000000000 -0700
+++ tests/data/fate/lavf-mkv	2013-07-21 02:25:47.000000000 -0700
@@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
-1748c0b3221977509c62a158236d2492 *./tests/data/lavf/lavf.mkv
-472533 ./tests/data/lavf/lavf.mkv
+b9557a7fa418db7692587b45d20f0d76 *./tests/data/lavf/lavf.mkv
+472542 ./tests/data/lavf/lavf.mkv
 ./tests/data/lavf/lavf.mkv CRC=0x4780846b
-0f78dd9299210a51b18faafc971e71f2 *./tests/data/lavf/lavf.mkv
-320265 ./tests/data/lavf/lavf.mkv
+fd214bc74f0a21dfb36dcf9bb5777b86 *./tests/data/lavf/lavf.mkv
+320274 ./tests/data/lavf/lavf.mkv
 ./tests/data/lavf/lavf.mkv CRC=0x4780846b
Test lavf-mkv failed. Look at tests/data/fate/lavf-mkv.err for details.
make: *** [fate-lavf-mkv] Error 1

To submit the patch, would I simply change the tests/data/lavf/lavf.mkv file and check that in so that it becomes the new file that now includes the CueRelativePosition along with the patch? 

Thanks for your guidance,

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