[FFmpeg-devel] a new benchmarking option for ffmpeg - patch 1 of 2

Nicolas George nicolas.george at normalesup.org
Wed Mar 6 19:26:03 CET 2013

Le sextidi 16 ventôse, an CCXXI, "René J.V. Bertin" a écrit :
> Sorry, didn't see the 'to  move'. I somehow lost the original forward
> declaration around line 123, presumable because it wasn't there in the
> ffmpeg.c version in which I developed my modifications
> I'm going to try to post a new patch made against a new clone of the
> repository (didn't manage to get rid of my earlier commits without messing
> up my local copy even more...)

I think you would gain time if you take a few moments to learn the git
basics first. The core tool for what you need is git rebase.

Assuming you worked on a simple clone of the official repository, you will
have the remote called "origin" pointing to it, and the branch
"origin/master" pointing to its head, and your commits in the "master"
branch. Then you need the following steps:

"git fetch origin" will fetch new commits on the official repository and
append them to origin/master.

"git rebase origin/master" will find all commits in your master branch that
are not in origin/master, and re-apply them on top of the current state of
origin/master: you use that to update your patches based on top of last
week's ffmpeg so that they are based on top of today's ffmpeg:

Original state:

A---B---C---D---E---F---G          (origin/master: official ffmpeg, last week)
                          `-X---Y  (master: your patches)

After git fetch:

A---B---C---D---E---F---G---H---I---J---K  (origin/master: today's ffmpeg)
                          `-X---Y  (master: your patches)

After git rebase:


You can add the -i option to git rebase: before doing any work, it will
present you (in your favorite text editor) with a list of your patches, and
you can edit the list to change the patches: reorder them, squash two
together, edit the commit message, etc. There is a doc in the comments of
the text file you are given to edit.


  Nicolas George
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