[FFmpeg-devel] Preserve the 'amf0' data stream written by Adobe Flash Media Servers while doing a data stream copy

Benedict Endemann bendemann at make.tv
Thu Mar 7 16:18:46 CET 2013

The Adobe Flash Media Server is able to save incoming rtmp streams as files and to insert an amf0 data stream into these files.
This patch preserves the amf0 data stream while copying the data stream. This offers the possibility to remux for example a f4v file into a flv container while the data stream stays in place.

Two small code changes:
line 228+ - extended the if statement with a second condition to stop ffmpeg quiting with an error.
line 531+ - new if statements to differ between the two possible cases from the first change (line 229) and to write out the actual amf0 packets.

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