[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH 01/14] lavfi: add common code to handle options parsing.

Stefano Sabatini stefasab at gmail.com
Sun Mar 17 13:27:33 CET 2013

On date Sunday 2013-03-17 11:56:16 +0100, Nicolas George encoded:
> Le septidi 27 ventôse, an CCXXI, Stefano Sabatini a écrit :
> > I suggest to set options whenever the priv_class is defined. This
> > should work fine for all filters with a few exceptions (out of my mind
> > only hue, which may/should be simplified, at the cost of changing the
> > command interface).

> It would require quite a few non trivial changes, and make a few features we
> want to keep impossible.

Could you elaborate on this (especially about the last point)?

My medium term plan is to make all filters support options, so we can
simplify and generalize option handling, for example to support a
filter(foo="1", bar="string") syntax.

> Setting filter.shorthand to anything (including {NULL}) is a very
> simple way of enabling the system without risk.

Yes, but it is weird to enable option parsing *only* when shorthand is
defined. That said, I'm not against this if it is meant as an
intermediary step towards the final end.

> > At this point we could free the context in uninint, as suggested by
> > Clement, which should allow more factorization.
> New patch series, with the same test for av_opt_free().

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