[FFmpeg-devel] libavcodec:questions about function ff_mpeg_ref_picture, crushed when using dxva2 hwaccel.

Wei Gao highgod0401 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 22 08:19:20 CET 2013


I am merging my dxva2 patch to the latest ffmpeg, and I found that the h264
of dxva2 wroks well and others don't (vc1 wmv3 mpeg2), I trace the code and
found that the function ff_mpeg_ref_picture crushed, happened code is as

if (src->hwaccel_picture_private) {
        dst->hwaccel_priv_buf = av_buffer_ref(src->hwaccel_priv_buf);
        if (!dst->hwaccel_priv_buf)
            goto fail;
        dst->hwaccel_picture_private = dst->hwaccel_priv_buf->data;

h264 doesn't run in the branch but others do. I comment out these code and
other video format run correct.
I tried two configuerations:
./configure --disable-debug --enable-gpl --enable-avfilter --enable-libx264
--cpu=i686 --enable-opencl --enable-dxva2 --enable-hwaccels
./configure --disable-debug --enable-gpl --enable-avfilter --enable-libx264
--enable-pthreads --enable-opencl --enable-dxva2 --enable-hwaccels

they are the same problem.

I don't know why other video format run in the branch and what these code

Best regards

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