[FFmpeg-devel] [patch] fix problem receiving udp multicast

Ed Torbett ed.torbett at simulation-systems.co.uk
Wed Nov 20 10:23:00 CET 2013

Full RFC4570 support was added early august. The lack of binding is not what's stopping decoding, as udp.c contains code to filter based on source address outside of the binding.

If you're not using SDP files, make sure you use the ?sources= parameter to set the multicast source addresses. If you are using SDP files then as stated in RFC4570 you should be using the source-filter attribute to specify the source address. 

Edward Torbett

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> >> I am using the trunk version of ffmpeg. When receiving udp multicast
> >
> > Why is AVIO_FLAG_WRITE set when _receiving_? That sounds like the
> > real bug to me...
> ... because RTP works in both directions. You receive on one port and on
> the second you receive and send RTCP data.
> Deti
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