[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] Added an Adobe HTTP Dynamic Streaming (HDS) demuxer

CORY MCCARTHY cory.mccarthy at shaw.ca
Sat Nov 23 01:06:58 CET 2013

Fix broken build when libxml2 is not installed

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On Tue, Nov 19, 2013 at 06:19:45PM -0700, CORY MCCARTHY wrote:
> Added Changelog entry
> Use the existing amf_get_string() and remove duplicate amf_metadata_read_string()
> Use avio_get_str() and remove f4fbox_read_string()
> Separated declarations and statements
> Use sizeof() instead of hard coded literal numbers
> Fixed typo with "libxml" includes
> Use av_freep instead of av_free to prevent stale pointers
> Pass output buffer length to av_strlcat() instead of input buffer length
> Remove unneeded cast
> Remove unneeded pix_fmt set
> Use avpriv_set_pts_info
> I attached a patch that shows these changes.
> I'll work on addressing the rest of the issues outlined below.

seems failing to build here:
ffmpeg/libavformat/f4mmanifest.c:32:27: fatal error: libxml/parser.h: No such file or directory

that is when cross compiling to mingw (or probably anything else that
doesnt have libxml* installed)


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