[FFmpeg-devel] Suggestion FFmpeg based Project

Ronny Wegener wegener.ronny at gmail.com
Sun Nov 24 14:31:28 CET 2013


i want to suggest the following software to be added to the projects site:
FFmpegYAG, an advanced GUI for the popular FFmpeg audio/video encoding tool.


  * batch encoding for multiple tasks
  * interactive video preview, real-time video/audio playback
  * multiple streams processing for video/audio/subtitles
  * trim file to segments (with optional fade in/out filters) and
concatenate them

Project: FmpegYAG
License: MIT
URL: http://ffmpegyag.googlecode.com

regards, Ronny Wegener

Ronny Wegener

Goslarsche Str. 28 | 38118 Braunschweig | Germany
Phone: 0049-176-81557864
E-Mail: wegener.ronny at gmail.com

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