[FFmpeg-devel] [RFC][PATCH] version.sh: Include annotated tag in version string

Alexander Strasser eclipse7 at gmx.net
Fri Nov 29 19:19:05 CET 2013

On 2013-11-29 18:56 +0100, Nicolas George wrote:
> Le nonidi 9 frimaire, an CCXXII, Alexander Strasser a écrit :
> >   It was empty but it is set in the line above and extended in
> > the line my patch added.
> Oh, yes, my bad: I thought it was a changed line (- on the previous line, +
> on this one), but it is just an insertion. Forget my comment and sorry for
> the noise.

  Not that useless noise indeed.

  To be sure I took another look at that file. I wonder if the whole
condition can be dropped and the modified branch can be executed

  Should be OK if no-one is injecting the revision variable through the
environment. From what I see in the history for now, it came in this
shape on a merge. Did not check the deeper details yet.

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