[FFmpeg-devel] [WIP] H.264 MVC decoder

Gerion Entrup gerion.entrup at t-online.de
Wed Feb 5 17:13:00 CET 2014

Am Mittwoch, 5. Februar 2014, 16:47:41 schrieb Clément Bœsch:
> On Wed, Feb 05, 2014 at 04:24:11PM +0100, Gerion Entrup wrote:
> > Hello,
> > 
> > I see you have MVC as a GSoC-project. There is an existing implementation,
> > I found it recently as a master thesis [1]. The original code you can
> > find at github [2].
> > 
> > I've cleaned it up (remove temporary files, reformat, ...), see the
> > attached patch.
> > The patch applies against commit 69cc119d (0.11.x release branch, I
> > think),
> > just like the original code. The code compiles, I have not tested it. If
> > you like the code, I would try to merge it into master (but not until
> > next month, feel free to do it earlier ;)). Please comment. I do not have
> > the skills (yet?) to review the code quality-wise.
> > 
> > The original author is CCed.
> > 
> > Regards,
> > Gerion
> Your diff contains thousands of commented out lines. Drop them.
Ok. The EDIT comments, too, I think?
> Then you have tones of reindented lines. Restore the original indent, it
> will be reindented in a later patch.
I think, orginal author use eclipse formatting. I replace thousands of tabs 
with spaces for example. What do you mean with reindented lines and what is 
"original indent"? The indent of commit 69cc119d? I was sure to replace all 
reformatted indends of existing code.
> Also drop all the configure debug scripts and unrelated diff (commented
> printf in ffplay for instance... wtf?) that don't belong in the patch.
Ok, lots of this I've already dropped.

> Then suggest how we can test it and state what works and what doesn't.
I can't do this, because I don't write the code, original author has to do 
this or someone with more experience.

> Then create a proper git-format patch and resubmit it.
> The current diff is a pure horror, totally unreviewable, so please at
> least do what I suggested above so we can consider a review.
As said, in one month, I'll do my best. I only write it now because of the 
> Thanks,

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