[FFmpeg-devel] Fix libssh static linkage on Windows

Lukasz M lukasz.m.luki at gmail.com
Mon Feb 10 22:16:28 CET 2014

> > Officially according to microsoft it is safe as any code in a shared dll
> on
> microsoft doesnt document LIBSSH_STATIC
> [...]
> >
> > libssh however has no stance on not using dllimport on a shared library
> and
> > there docs only state one or the other:
> > http://api.libssh.org/master/libssh_linking.html
> you are quite fixed on dllimport, yet your patch does not add dllimport
> it adds LIBSSH_STATIC.
> You seem to mix documented API with current behavior
> My question was, if adding LIBSSH_STATIC unconditional is safe per
> official libssh documentation
> AFAIK its not. so your patch uses it in a undocumeted way
> Using undocumeted things is not good. We would like to have wide
> compatibility. Both with future and past versions of libs and with
> potential forks and drop in replacements if such ever exist
> I suggest again to try to get this clarified at libssh
> it sure would help people if their docs spell out if using it for
> dynamic libs or non windows is safe, unsafe or undefined
> either way above are just my 2 cent
> patch review left to maintainer

I asked on their mailing list

The person who answerred told he's not a windows developer, but suggested
to set this on compiler commandline, which is the same as my first
thought was.

Maybe adding a comment with a hint would be more safe than that define.

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