[FFmpeg-devel] Seeking a contractor: patch to output XDCAM HD 50 / 35 with MXF wrapper

Ben Werdmuller ben at latakoo.com
Mon Feb 24 19:07:29 CET 2014

Hi all,

I was directed to post on this mailing list; please accept my apologies if
this wasn't correct etiquette.

We're hoping to hire an ffmpeg developer to patch the software to add some
new output formats - and of course, contribute that code back to the

We need both XDCAM HD 50 and 35 export support with an MXF wrapper, for
import into an Avid video management system. To reiterate, we are, of
course, very happy for this code to be contributed to the community.

Is this something that someone here might have bandwidth for? I'm reading
the list, but also feel free to contact me directly at ben at latakoo.com.



Ben Werdmuller

ben at latakoo.com
@latakoo @benwerd

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