[FFmpeg-devel] Need some pointers

Eli Kara eli at algotec.co.il
Tue Feb 25 12:56:14 CET 2014

HI all,

I have an issue with an mpegts file that I'm trying to debug. The file was created by ArgusTV when recording a DVB-T source.
FFmpeg can probe it just fine and play it well. I'm working within XBMC but have an issue that annoys me.

At some point in the first few seconds of play, the av_read_frame function returns with a packet that has a duration of 0 and weird but very
large dts/pts values. I'm trying to figure out if it's just the file that is problematic or is this something in FFmpeg that maybe needs looking into.
The end result for XBMC is that is causes the duration to jump from ~43 minutes to something like 18 hours and 20+ minutes.

Is there a way to validate frames somehow over the entire stream? Maybe a validation run somehow..

I'm guessing this is a parsing issue due to bad input but I'd really like to make sure. Any help is very much appreciated no matter how small
(even: look at file X in the code).

Thanks in advance,

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