[FFmpeg-devel] Stream with Closed caption does not set appropriate flag

anshul anshul.ffmpeg at gmail.com
Thu Mar 6 10:30:12 CET 2014


currently Video Stream Interlaced with Closed caption does not show 
I was looking to enhance the code so that user get idea that closed 
caption is there inside Video stream
would it be good idea if I add the information in the streams and set 
the stream's disposition flag to AV_DISPOSITION_HEARING_IMPAIRED

As in comment shown with below flag and definition of closed caption 
match a lot
#define AV_DISPOSITION_HEARING_IMPAIRED  0x0080  /**< stream for hearing 
impaired audiences */

I also want to highlight that just now ffprobe only read first 
informational frame if it gets all the required information
it returns true and exit successfully, so to get to know about cc 
interlaced in video,it is required that avformat_find_stream_info
parse more packet till it get user_data frame

I discussed for same on irc but didn't got satisfying answer.


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