[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCHv3] On2 VP7 decoder

Vittorio Giovara vittorio.giovara at gmail.com
Sat Mar 29 05:24:03 CET 2014

On Fri, Mar 28, 2014 at 3:14 AM, Michael Niedermayer <michaelni at gmx.at> wrote:
>> You're welcome, it would be just nice if these kind of security
>> reports were bi-derectional.
> Iam not sure i understand your suggestion (or complaint if its meant
> as one)

It was wishful thinking.

> Iam not keeping a secret list of security issues in libav.
> Actually iam not a user of libav at all, so i dont notice in general
> when theres an issue in libav.

You definitely are a Libav user, as is every ffmpeg developer and
user, as you merge every day whatever change Libav provides.
The fact that you can accept

> I did very rarely test it for sake of an argument or for some
> statistics only ...
> So really the only place i could find an issue is in ffmpeg and
> if i do, it goes either as bugfix patch to the ML, as bugfix commit to
> git master, as ticket to trac or on my todo list for doing one of the
> previous once i have time

The point is that this daily merge from Libav to ffmpeg also allows to
fix bugs sometimes and this is good, but the problem is that these
seldom bugfixes remain here while they should be reported to the
original author at least. This should be done in the spirit of open
source contribution, not in the "my project has more features and more

This is my personal opinion of course, doesn't reflect any groups' ideas.

> All cases here end in public
> [...]
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