[FFmpeg-devel] af_silencedetect.c: silencedetect reporting format change to follow blackdetect reporting format

Gaullier Nicolas nicolas.gaullier at arkena.com
Tue May 27 19:22:17 CEST 2014

>> One question is that I have managed to get the two commands below to 
>> work to utilise metadata injection (blackdetect doesn't yet), however, 
>> is there a way to combine these into one command?
>> ffprobe -f lavfi -i movie=1080p24.mxf,blackdetect​ -show_frames -of 
>> json ffprobe -f lavfi -i amovie=1080p24.mxf,silencedetect -show_frames 
>> -of json
>Not tested but try:
>ffprobe -f lavfi -i movie=1080p24.mxf,b​lackdetect​[out0];amovie=1080p24.mxf,silencedetect[out1] -show_frames -of json
>Dave Rice

For the same requirements, I use the alternative below:
ffprobe -f lavfi "movie=1080p24.mxf:s=v+a[in0][in1],[in0]blackdetect[out0];[in1]silencedetect[out1]" -show_frames -of json

There is only a single source : "movie", so one might expect better performance
(I did not ran any benchmark on my own) and better scalability (if more streams were available).

Nicolas Gaullier

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