[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] vp9:enable multi-thread decoding when refreshctx is equal to 0

Di Wu di1028.wu at samsung.com
Fri Oct 10 04:16:46 CEST 2014


    On 10/9/2014  08:46 AM, Ronald wrote:

> I think functionally this looks OK, thanks for finding it. Please do follow
> Reynaldo's suggestions on style/cosmetics. I'd go as far as to change the
> second if into an else if, since they do related stuff, but I don't mind
> either way.

   On 10/9/2014 12:18 AM, Reynaldo wrote:

> Can you try rephrasing the above log to a shorter version? Not rly
> a blocker but both paragraphs seem a bit redundant. Also, add an
> space after vp9: in the summary please.
> ^ this is not correct. Please don't submit mode changes
> to source files unless it's actually needed. This is not
> the case.
> Surrounding code does not use braces for single statement if()s,
> please drop them.
> CCing Clement so he can comment on the validity of the change otherwise.

Thank  you for your suggestion.
I make the change in the else if branch and do some improvement follow 
Reynaldo's suggestions, and create a new patch.
Because braces are used in if() branch, I also use braces in else if() branch. If 
this doesn't meent the standards, I can change it again.
The new patch is attached, please check if there is any point needs to be modified.

Best Regards
Di Wu
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