[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] avformat/mxfenc: AVC Intra support

Kieran Kunhya kierank at obe.tv
Mon Oct 27 21:44:24 CET 2014

On 27 October 2014 17:21, Thomas Mundt <loudmax-at-yahoo.de at ffmpeg.org> wrote:
> Hi, I´ve seen that there has been approach last month to implement AVC Intra mxf muxing. I tested the patches, but it didn´t work with any of my samples. Since there also has been discussions about the gpl restriction, I rewrote the patch. I had some basics, because I had written a working patch for myself some time ago, which was more of a hack and only worked with AVCI100 1080i50.


I'm wondering whether you should add headers yourself. It would of
course be nicer but does it change compatibility?


Kieran Kunhya

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