[FFmpeg-devel] Fwd: "OPW Qualification Task: Validate MLP Bitstream

Nicolas George george at nsup.org
Fri Oct 31 15:49:31 CET 2014

Le decadi 10 brumaire, an CCXXIII, greeshma a écrit :
> diff --git a/ffmpeg/libavcodec/mlpenc.c b/ffmpeg/libavcodec/mlpenc.c

That is better, but still not good enough.


These requirements are not gratuitous: git can take a patch from the
mailing-list and apply it on anyone's working tree, so they can test it. If
the patch is mangled, that process does not work.

> #include "libavutil/crc.h"
> #include "libavutil/avstring.h"
> #include "mlp.h"
> -#include "dsputil.h"
> +#include "mlpdsp.h"
> #include "lpc.h"

All lines in a patch that are there to give context but not changed start
with a space; you can see there is not space here, as the changed includes
are not aligned with the others.

> typedef struct {
>     uint8_t min_channel; ///< The index of the first channel coded in this
> substream.
>     uint8_t max_channel; ///< The index of the last channel coded in this
> substream.

These lines have been wrapped to ~80 columns.

>     @@ -141,7 +142,7 @@ DecodingParams *prev_decoding_params;
>     ChannelParams *seq_channel_params;
>     DecodingParams *seq_decoding_params;

>     unsigned int max_codebook_search;
>     -DSPContext dsp;
>     +MLPDSPContext dsp;
> } MLPEncodeContext;

Here, the + and - that indicate a change are indented, while they are
supposed to be on the very first column.


I give you these examples so you can see for yourself and check your next
try, but that does not mean you have to CORRECT them yourself: the patch
file produced by Git is correct in the first place, you just have to make
sure your mail user agent sends it EXACTLY as it is.


  Nicolas George
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