[FFmpeg-devel] support for reading / writing encrypted MP4 files

Eran Kornblau eran.kornblau at kaltura.com
Sat Dec 5 21:16:22 CET 2015


> No, please merge them (without adding trailing whitespace, it cannot 
> be committed to our repository).
> While at it, please fix this nit (several times):
> > +    }
> > +    else {
> should be on one line, there is tools/patcheck that should have told 
> you (and also tells you about trailing whitespace).
Fixed the else convention and squashed all commits into one, the updated patch is attached.

Other than that, would it be possible to add me to the mailing list ? I submitted my request
to join a couple of days ago, and since was not accepted yet, I'm not getting back your emails.

> Carl Eugen



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