[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] configure: Check linking against CoreGraphics or, ApplicationServices framework for avfoundation input device.

Thilo Borgmann thilo.borgmann at mail.de
Mon Feb 9 11:26:57 CET 2015

Am 08.02.15 um 15:56 schrieb Michael Niedermayer:
> On Sun, Feb 08, 2015 at 03:19:40PM +0100, Carl Eugen Hoyos wrote:
>> Hi!
>> On Wednesday 04 February 2015 01:48:53 pm Thilo Borgmann wrote:
>>> fixes Ticket #4238.
>>> Testing for CGImageGetTypeID function is questionable (see trac
>>> discussion). If someone has a better idea, please let me know.
>> Alternative patch attached.
>> Also attached is a patch that I believe is necessary for 
>> iOS audio capture, but it is mostly untested.
>> (It allows device listing though.)
>> Please comment, Carl Eugen
> i can confirm that this doesnt break build anymore

Like I wrote in Trac, I think "CGGetActiveDisplayList" is not available for iOS
- the Apple reference makes me believe that. Thus, this has worked on my Mac but
I could not yet really test it on the iPhone. This is why I had choosen a
function available on almost any SDK version and OS, although unused in the code.

Also, do you really mean to check for "CoreGraphics.h" in case of lib

You might have noticed that I (finally) reworked my local FATE framework and it
seems to be much more stable and reliable than before (sorry for the everlasting
delay on that part) - except for the iPhone which I will try to fix asap and
test this patch better. I will also try to test the audio part in the second
patch then.

I will just need some time...


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