[FFmpeg-devel] next Outreachy & GSoC ideas braindump [RFC]

Timothy Gu timothygu99 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 3 22:46:26 EEST 2016

On Wed, Aug 3, 2016 at 12:36 PM Michael Niedermayer <michael at niedermayer.cc>

> what about writing guides/howtos about how to build/replace FFmpeg
> on all kinds of hw

That's the responsibility of the HW vendor.

> i mean everything these days uses FFmpeg below one or more layers
> and users should have the right to replace their products FFmpeg
> maybe with one that has more features enabled or a newer version
> but in practice for how many products that contain FFmpeg can
> the user actually do this easily? ...

Practically none, an amount easily matched by the number of users who are
interested in doing that.


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