[FFmpeg-devel] Change bitrate on-the-fly PoC (Patch)

Llorx dallorx at gmail.com
Sat Aug 6 16:00:59 EEST 2016


Some days ago I started a thread here:

Starting a new thread now because I lost my main thread mail and don't know
how to "reply" without having it in my inbox :-(

ffmpeg has almost on-the-fly bitrate change control already built-in,
checking rc_buffer_size and rc_max_rate changes, so I only needed to change
those values while ffmpeg was running.

I attach my Proof of Concept.

PoC limitations:
 - Not configurable via command line.
 - The build will start listening on localhost ( UDP port 32000
 - Does not sanitize input.
 - Only work with x264 and such.
 - Only works 100% if you run ffmpeg with explicit -b:v and -maxrate

This code is undocummented, with tabs and such, so do not follow ffmpeg
coding rules. Just posting this to see if someone finally likes it. If
someone likes this, I'll continue developing this small patch listening to
the community suggestions.

Looking forward to return a bit to this great software that saved my ass
uncountable times xD

PD: Attaching link just in case Gmail attachment gets discarded:

Jorge Fuentes
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