[FFmpeg-devel] HLS Segmenter and the "hls_time" option

Ibrahim Tachijian barhom at netsat.se
Fri Aug 26 02:39:24 EEST 2016


I've been thinking about an option for "hls_time" that is not currently
supported by FFMpeg and I would like feedback to if some of you may think
this is useful or utterly unnecessary.

I find scenarios where we sometimes want to create an HLS output and would
like the *first couple of segments* to be shorter than the *rest of the

For example starting off with 1s segments up to N segments then switch to
5s segments.

The reasoning is simply to have the playlist.m3u8 and first segment
available *asap.*

What do you think? Do you know how this can be achieved?


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