[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] avcodec/nvenc: Include nvEncodeAPI v7 SDK header

Oliver Collyer ovcollyer at mac.com
Sat Aug 27 16:44:30 EEST 2016

>> And I think there are some deprecated comments in nvenc.c:
>> - references to only H.264 (HEVC was already added)
>> - references to version 5 as "current SDK revision"

There are no references to version 5 of the SDK that I can see in nvenc.c following my patch. There was one next to where it set the encoding profile which said something like “SDK 5 only allows the Main profile” but I got rid of that when I placed the switch statement that sets the profile to Main or Main 10 according to the parameters supplied. Is that what you are referring to?

Regarding the use of “H.264” do you mean the first line of the file where the comment says “H.264 hardware encoding using nvidia nvenc”?

I agree this should be updated to read “H.264 and HEVC hardware encoding...” or something.

Maybe next time ;o)



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