[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] cmdutils: fix implicit declaration of SetDllDirectory function

Tobias Rapp t.rapp at noa-archive.com
Tue Aug 30 10:31:53 EEST 2016

On 30.08.2016 04:10, James Almer wrote:
> On 8/29/2016 10:42 AM, Tobias Rapp wrote:
>> Attached patch fixes a build error on my system (Ubuntu 14.04,
>> mingw-w64 3.1.0, gcc-mingw-w64 4.8.2) introduced by commit
>> 3bf142c77337814458ed8e036796934032d9837f.
> Interesting. windows.h is already included if CommandLineToArgvW() is
> available. I guess this means old mingw-w64 doesn't define it.

HAVE_COMMANDLINETOARGVW is set to "1" in config.h on my system, but the
include of windows.h for CommandLineToArgvW() is on line 228 while
SetDllDirectory() is used on line 118.

Attached patch is a suggestion to refactor the includes by moving the
include of shellapi.h to the top of the file.

>> As the original commit has been backported to older releases (2.8,
>> 3.0 and 3.1 as far as I can see) it probably makes sense to
>> backport this fix, too.
> Applied where it's needed. Thanks.

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