[FFmpeg-devel] [DECISION] Revoke the decision of dropping ffserver

Andreas Cadhalpun andreas.cadhalpun at googlemail.com
Fri Dec 9 01:30:24 EET 2016

On 08.12.2016 15:53, wm4 wrote:
> (I'm still waiting for related work to be merged from Libav).

Why don't you merge it yourself instead of waiting for others?

> So yes, removing things can mean progress.

However, removing ffserver now doesn't, because the libraries
have to keep backwards-compatibility until the next major bump

> Nobody would care if ffserver actually used the ffmpeg libs correctly.
> But it still requires ffserver-specific code in libavformat. And even
> after all of michaelni's oddly-timed hard work to cleanup ffserver,
> ffserver itself uses internal libavformat stuff (see
> libavformat/libavformat.v - it also includes internal headers).

Yes, that's the last point that needs to be fixed before the next
major bump if ffserver is to be kept.

> This project is frustrating because it puts features (even broken,
> half-implemented ones) over robust implementation and ease of use, and
> on top of it is unable to enforce any policy or decisions the community
> may have made. You have to waste your time discussing about nothing to
> overly... self-confident... people when trying to make a change.

You don't have to waste everyone's time complaining like that.
It'd be much better if you'd instead spend the time working on reducing
the backlog in the merges from Libav.
The next bump, which is already discussed on the Libav mailing list, will
be merged that much sooner.

Best regards,

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