[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] nvenc: Make AUD optional for h264_nvenc and hevc_nvenc

Miroslav Slugeň thunder.m at email.cz
Fri Dec 30 10:38:49 EET 2016

Dne 30.12.2016 v 05:48 Ali KIZIL napsal(a):
> 2016-12-30 0:02 GMT+03:00 Miroslav Slugeň <thunder.m at email.cz>:
>> Somebody changed AUD to active in NVENC by default, which is not very
>> clever, libx264 also has this future disabled, so we should stay in sync
>> with libx264 behavior.
>> Enabled AUD will work only without B-frames. There is BUG in Nvidia NVENC
>> when you use AUD for H264 with B-frames, it will return corrupted stream,
>> because NVIDIA is inserting AUD type 0 (I-frame) before B-frames instead of
>> AUD type 7 (any-frame).
>> H264 encoded with B-frames and AUD active will not play for example on
>> Panasonic TX-AS640E, other decoders just ignore wrong AUD type.
>> --
>> Miroslav Slugeň
> AUD set to active by default was for LG and Sony like UHD TVs which could
> not decode NVENC encoded HEVC MPEGTS properly.
> If patch sets AUD active by default if there is no B-Frames (as so in NVENC
> HEVC encoding), patch will be ok in common.
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I know that it was for LG tvs (i hav seen original enabling patch), and 
what about to enable AUD only for HEVC which doesn't have any B-frames 

Because I think that we should always stay in sync between h264_nvenc 
and libx264 parameters.

Miroslav Slugeň
+420 724 825 885

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