[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] avfilter: add BobWeaver deinterlacing filter

Thomas Mundt loudmax at yahoo.de
Mon Feb 8 00:39:24 CET 2016

last years I did many quality tests with commercial broadcast transcoder software for SD/HD conversions.
Aside from few exeptions the weak point always was the deinterlacer. This was even more visible with new OLED monitors.
Here artefacts from edge directed interpolation are much more eye-catching than with TFTs.
I also tested ffmpeg deinterlacers. It was interesting to see that each one has its pros and cons.
Yadif has a very good detection of still and very slow moving parts of the picture, but invites many artefacts and slightly blurs the rest.
W3fdif performs well at slow and medium motion, but jiggles stills and traces the adjacent fields. Especially visible at scene changes and horizontal lines at fast vertical motion.
The attached deinterlacer tries to combine the advantages of both and uses cubic interpolation when temporal difference exeeds spatial difference for the interpolated pixel. This is far from perfect, but gives very homogenous results and is pretty fast. CPU optimizations of course would make it even faster, but I´m totally clueless about that.
I used the yadif code as basis. Due to quality requirements the slightly modified yadif spatial interlacing check is always on. Also the w3fdif complex filter.
Please test and comment.
And sorry for the stupid name...
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