[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH][RFC][WIP] lavf/ramdec: RAM demuxer

Paul B Mahol onemda at gmail.com
Sun Jan 3 23:29:46 CET 2016

On 1/3/16, Ganesh Ajjanagadde <gajjanag at mit.edu> wrote:
> On Sun, Jan 3, 2016 at 12:59 PM, Hendrik Leppkes <h.leppkes at gmail.com>
> wrote:
>> On Sun, Jan 3, 2016 at 9:42 PM, Ganesh Ajjanagadde
>> <gajjanagadde at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> This is a WIP patch for the RAM playlist format:
>>> http://service.real.com/help/library/guides/realone/IntroGuide/HTML/htmfiles/ramfile.htm,
>>> http://service.real.com/help/library/guides/realone/IntroGuide/HTML/htmfiles/ramsum.htm.
>>> The implementation is currently essentially a kitchen sink dump of
>>> concatdec; hence the copyright notice is preserved.
>>> Metadata stuff is currently lacking. Feedback appreciated; this is my
>>> first demuxer.
>>> Done some very simple, basic testing.
>> Playlists "intentionally" don't have demuxers, as they should probably
>> be handled in a more generic top-level way. As you said, this is
>> basically concatdec with parsing, which every playlist demuxer would
>> likely end up being.
>> Unfortunately, noone has yet finished any such API to handle this
>> properly, hence no playlist support in FFmpeg yet.
> I get a sense that it is tedious, annoying, and with little benefit:
> for a power user, they have zero benefit as one can simply use concat
> and/or script a converter to the concat format. For a normal user,
> downstream clients anyway handle playlists.
> Patch dropped; thanks.

If you really want something hard, write tivo demuxer.

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