[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH v4] lavf/matroskadec: A_QUICKTIME/AV_CODEC_ID_NONE + SMI->SVQ3

Mats Peterson matsp888 at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 5 14:52:25 CET 2016

Incorrectly used codec_movaudio_tags instead of codec_movvideo_tags.
Description follows:

In many older QuickTime files, the audio format, or "fourcc", is
0x00000000 (AV_CODEC_ID_NONE). The QuickTime File Format Specification
states the following regarding this situation:

"This format descriptor should not be used, but may be found in some
files. Samples are assumed to be stored in either 'raw ' or 'twos'
format, depending on the sample size field in the sound description."

MPlayer handles this logic by itself, but FFmpeg/FFplay currently does

Also, Michael Niedermayer, at least in this case, MPlayer seems to look
at the codec tag rather than the codec ID in order to determine the
codec. Therefore, your patch from 2014 for SMI -> SVQ3 needs to set the
'fourcc' variable to 'SVQ3' as well, which is later copied to
st->codec->codec_tag in matroskadec.c.


Mats Peterson
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