[FFmpeg-devel] DVB Teletext to HLS Wbvtt Subtitles

S├ębastien Cramatte scramatte at nixus.es
Mon Jan 18 16:25:50 CET 2016


We are working on an IPTv project using FFMPEG. 
Now we stream Live TV channels  in HLS format.

We need to add Webvtt subtitles but as fare as I known Ffmpeg doesn't support it yet.
We have make some lab test using CCExtractor +  Home made Webvtt  perl segmenter  and it works but  we are 
unable to sync subtitles with video/audio.

We have seen that exists some Webvtt  patch for FFMpeg but I don't know if this code works or not.

Basically we need to get DVB Mpeg2 TS  subtitles track  and   output it  as  webvtt hls   directly with FFMpeg at same time as video / audios tracks.
We are searching to hire a guy  that can achieve this job for us.



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