[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] build: fix make checkheaders in out-of-tree builds

Derek Buitenhuis derek.buitenhuis at gmail.com
Sun Jan 24 13:43:19 CET 2016

On 1/24/2016 11:52 AM, Andreas Cadhalpun wrote:
> On 24.01.2016 03:19, Hendrik Leppkes wrote:
>> Lets just revert this entire batch and re-try after proper testing and review.
> You're very quick to suggest a revert here, but very reluctant about reverting
> commit 31741ae. That's not consistent.

And you're very quick about pushing a broken patch after literally five minutes.

Myself, wm4, Timo, and James, I believe, were/are all in favour of a revert for
this (dst_path) patch, as well. Who exactly is supporting this slew of quick

As for 31741ae, it's unrelated to this, and attacking someone based on a something
utterly unrelated is childish at best. (My opinion on 31741ae is: why the heck haven't
you been trying to fix it in VLC? My hunch is that it's less effort to make your
packages happy by just reverting it here.)

> Thus I object to reverting this before the regression caused by 31741ae is fixed.

Oh, please. How old are we?

> Also, please be a bit more constructive. Just complaining that it doesn't work
> in your setup is not helpful, as I don't have that setup and thus can't investigate
> the problem. At the very least I'd need to see the output of 'make V=1'.

One could argue the same for you. You'd rather push a bunch of different (broken)
fixes until it works instead of reverting and making *one* patch that works. That's
hardly constructive.

- Derek

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