[FFmpeg-devel] Feature Suggestion/Idea: auto create profile from supplied media file.

luke etyrnal luke.etyrnal at gmail.com
Mon Jan 18 17:44:31 CET 2016

An idea for a new feature of ffmpeg:  Detect media, and generate profile
for future transcoding.

The feature would add the ability to point ffmpeg at a media file and
analyze the file for its container type, codecs, channels, bit rates, etc,
and build a PROFILE according to what it discovers. Then, in the future, if
you need to transcode/conform media to a specific target destination
format, for a specific device, or platform, you would just point ffmpeg at
a media file known to work properly on the destination platform, have it
learn the specific parameters of that media container and format, create a
profile based on what it discovers, and then in the future when you
transcode you just use the newly created profile when transcoding.
I imagine ffmpeg already has the ability to detect media because I can see
it making determinations about the media at the beginning of its
transcoding or encoding process.

create a profile called vtech-kids-smartwatch based on
using video-file-known-to-work-well-on-destination-platform.avi :

$ ffmpeg --profile_auto_generate

conform/transcode media input to the vtech-kids-smartwatch profile :

$ ffmpeg -i incompatibel-media-file.mov -o --profile vtech-kids-smartwatch

syntax just for concept

Thanks for considering.

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