[FFmpeg-devel] stream changes for QT Movie files

Markus Pfau pfau at peak3d.de
Sat Jan 23 20:56:29 CET 2016

I want do feed kodi with existing QT Movie files (mp4 muxed audio + 
video) wich can change codec / resolutions during the playback.

Currently I have solved this issue by writing new MOOV Atoms every time 
the stream changes, but this works only with an hack inside mov.c 
(replace the existing avstreams with the new once).
ffmpeg doesn't support multiple MOOV atoms for now and kodi doesn't want 
to have patches for ffmpeg (what I can understand)

My question is now: What is the best solution for codec / resolution 
changes using QT Movie file format.
Is there already anything working for this problem?


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