[FFmpeg-devel] 1 bpp BMP sample with palette in the 'bmp' directory of the FATE test suite

Mats Peterson matsp888 at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 26 10:50:04 CET 2016

On 01/26/2016 10:42 AM, Mats Peterson wrote:
> I discovered a 1 bpp BMP file with a palette called 'test1.bmp' in the
> 'bmp' directory of the FATE test suite. When converting this file with,
> say, "ffmpeg -i test1.bmp test.avi", the output file will use the colors
> of the palette in the BMP file, not black & white. Also, the pixel
> format used for the file is pal8, not monow. This leads me to believe we
> should use pal8 for raw 1 bpp video in AVI in rawdec.c as well, in spite
> of Microsoft's use of the word "monochrome". But then again, the pal8 to
> yuv420p conversion discrepancies, using 0x10 and 0xEB instead of 0x00
> and 0xFF as the output values, will have to get fixed, in order to pass
> the FATE test suite. This is nothing urgent, of course.
> Mats

I should add that opening this file in Paint in Windows XP will show the 
colors properly, not just black & white.


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