[FFmpeg-devel] mxfenc: Writes incomplete Video Line Map for progressive content

Sebastian Dröge slomo at coaxion.net
Thu Jan 28 15:25:40 CET 2016

Hi everybody,

since the following commit
mxfenc is only writing one value for progressive content.
Unfortunately the commit comes without any explanation at all.

SMPTE S377-1-2009c (the version I have) defines in F.4.1 that the field
is always 8 + 8 bytes. That is, 4 bytes number of values, 4 bytes value
size. And then 2 32 bit integers with the actual values.

G.2.12 then clarifies that even more and says that for FULL_FRAME frame
layout it would always be {first line number, 0}. Example given there
720p would be {26, 0}.

Unless a later version of the standard somehow changes something there,
I would say that this commit should be reverted.

Best regards,
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