[FFmpeg-devel] lavfi format negotiation at the "code source" seminar in Paris

Nicolas George george at nsup.org
Thu Jan 28 20:51:29 CET 2016


I am proud to announce that I have been asked to give a talk at the "code
source" seminar at the Jussieu Campus in Paris on February the 17th 2016.
This is a computer science / philosophy seminar where people present and
explain an interesting program they know well by commenting directly the
source code.

I have decided to my my talk about the format negotiation in libavfilter.

The web page is there:

Unless the public really insist to hear my awful accent, the talk will be in
French; the slides will be in English though.

The seminar is theoretically open to all, but with the recent event people
will probably have to show a white paw to security checks at entry.

(This stressing deadline also explain in part why my progress in getting rid
of recursivity in filter_frame() is so slow.)


  Nicolas George
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