[FFmpeg-devel] Workaround for VS 2015 Update 1 bug

Hendrik Leppkes h.leppkes at gmail.com
Thu Jan 28 22:52:48 CET 2016

Am 28.01.2016 22:14 schrieb "Bruce Dawson" <brucedawson at google.com>:
> I hit a VS 2015 Update 1 code-gen bug that causes an string array to not
> null-terminated. I've already landed a patch in Chromium's downstream
> to unblock the failing test and I wanted to offer up the same patch for
> main ffmpeg repo.

Can you elaborate which test should be failing? I run both x86 and x64
setups with MSVC 2015 U1 in our FATE setup and everything seems to be
perfectly fine on that end.

> The patch is attached. It's quite simple. There are other workarounds that
> also work but this is the one that landed in Chromium's copy so I prefer
> it, to avoid conflicts.
> The bug has been confirmed by Microsoft and should be fixed in the next
> version of the compiler.
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> Bruce Dawson
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