[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] avfilter: add nnedi filter

Andy Furniss adf.lists at gmail.com
Sat Jan 30 15:24:33 CET 2016

Paul B Mahol wrote:
> On 1/30/16, Andy Furniss <adf.lists at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Paul B Mahol wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> 3rd version attached!
>> It seems that now bff/tff flags on input are correctly followed
>> and output is good, but it can't be overridden by field=bf or
>> field=tf both give correct output.
>> For raw video though, they are honored and are still the wrong way
>> round.
> Could you test attached patch?
> Apply on top of last one.

This seems good - tested af bf and tf all work as expected.

You're going to hate me though, because I've noticed something else.

It seems to affect all versions of the patch with fields - only fields
affected, framerate output is the same length as input.

There is a frame missing somewhere (haven't had time to look if it's
first or last).

Testing with y4m input and output I noticed by chance that yadif=1 is a
frame larger (file size).

with ffprobe it seems yadif=1 is correct in the sense that -

ffprobe -show_frames in.y4m | grep "\[FRAME" | wc -l


ffprobe -show_frames out-yadif1.y4m | grep "\[FRAME" | wc -l


ffprobe -show_frames out-nnedi.y4m | grep "\[FRAME" | wc -l


The "frame= xxx" command line output also shows the difference.

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