[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH v3 2/2] lavd: deprecate opengl outdev

Josh de Kock josh at itanimul.li
Sun Sep 11 14:32:34 EEST 2016

On 11/09/2016 08:36, Nicolas George wrote:
> Le sextidi 26 fructidor, an CCXXIV, Josh de Kock a écrit :
>> This device depends on SDL which is deprecated.
> Are we in the business of deprecating things that do not have a replacement,
> now?
> Before deprecating the best video output device, making some effort to port
> it to something more modern would be required.
> Regards,
For achieving the same result as the SDL/opengl outdevs you can do 
something like:

ffmpeg -i t.mov -c:v ffv1 -c:a aac -f fifo -fifo_format mov -map 0:v 
fifo.mov & mpv fifo.mov

Either way, an outdev isn't really the right place for a preview; what 
if you want to check how video/audio looks/sounds half way down a 
filtergraph? An avfilter would make much more sense for this.

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