[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] configure: don't build ffserver unless explicitly enabled

Sven C. Dack sven.c.dack at sky.com
Mon Sep 12 00:39:10 EEST 2016

On 11/09/16 21:41, Hendrik Leppkes wrote:
> We don't care because "caring" would severly limit the things we can
> change in the code.

Your logic would be sound if the code hadn't been declared as deprecated. I do 
agree that for live code the users have to accept changes when it means there is 
a real gain from it, but because it has been declared as deprecated are you 
trying to make changes to code when you officially no longer want to make changes.

You then wouldn't put a message into ffmpeg to point out that it hasn't been 
declared as deprecated. Although I am sure there may be a some users who could 
be happy about such a message, maybe some may even be worried about the news of 
ffserver and find such direct message useful. Yet would I not consider this to 
be a real gain or an acceptable change.

I am guessing for once you wish to be lazy and by sticking the message into 
ffserver, thinking since it is going away anyway why care? But it's not actually 
user friendly, because anyone who is using it will now get this message each and 
every time they starting the server. And it's not like there aren't good places 
to put the announcement.


PS: I swear I've sent the last message only once! :)

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