[FFmpeg-devel] lavd API discussion

Josh de Kock josh at itanimul.li
Wed Sep 14 00:21:23 EEST 2016

Hi all,

So I know that not as many people use lavd, but I just wanted to ask a 
couple questions about the lavd/lavf APIs (but mostly about lavd), maybe 
fuel some thought about potentially developing/evolving the lavd API 

1. What is the real difference between lavf and lavd?

Both lavf and lavd use AVInputFormat and AVOutputFormat, and from what I 
can see, there is no real difference from lavd/lavf apart from their 
folder names, and the general types of formats which they contain.

2. Does lavd need to be extended?

So I can see where the original idea may have come from for 
lavd--something which can interface with devices, similar to lavf but 
not quite as 'passive'. Except it stayed as 'passive' as lavf, whereas 
an 'active' lavd may have been able to take commands and interface with 
devices with I/O as one might need. For instance with something like a 
camera, you may need to pause, zoom-in, zoom-out, etc. Or an old tape 
camcorder could take rewind, or fast-forward commands. And I'm sure 
there are a lot more instances you can think of where input or output to 
a 'device' outside of video, audio, subtitles, etc would be useful.

If I'm mistaken, then please point it out, I'm still learning about the 
code-base. (And if this discussion has happened before, please link me 
to it, I couldn't find anything, but I may have just been searching for 
the wrong thing).


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