[FFmpeg-devel] Dropping SDL1 support [VOTE]

Clément Bœsch u at pkh.me
Thu Sep 15 20:44:50 EEST 2016

On Thu, Sep 15, 2016 at 02:36:32PM -0300, James Almer wrote:
> There have been some complains from developers about keeping both
> SDL1 and SDL2 support at the same time even after all SDL1 code
> has been already ported, and especially since it makes maintaining
> ffplay more complex, so seeing the waters are divided I think the
> best solution will be to vote.
> Arguments in favor of keeping SDL1:
> * Debian Old-Stable and Ubuntu 12.04 don't ship an usable SDL2
>   by default, meaning a few extra steps for anyone wanting to
>   compile ffmpeg git would be needed to keep ffplay and the sdl
>   outdev working on them.
> * We have a dev willing to maintain the SDL1 version of ffplay
>   until the above two distros are EOLed.
> Arguments in favor of dropping SDL1:
> * SDL1 is old and effectively unmaintained.
> * The above distros will never upgrade their ffmpeg packages.
> * Anyone compiling ffmpeg git from source on any of the above
>   distros most likely already has to deal with other missing
>   deps, like any recent x264, be it from unnofficial PPAs or
>   manually compiling from source. SDL2 would not be any
>   different in that regard.
> * Even though we have a dev willing to maintain the deprecated
>   SDL1 code, he'd rather not have to deal with it.
> Other arguments in favor or against are welcome.
> The vote will end 1 week from now, simple majority wins, and
> it's open only to those in the voting committee[1].
> Marton Balint, while not in the committee, should IMO also
> have the chance to vote or at least comment since he's the
> main ffplay maintainer.

I'm all for dropping SDL1 if and only all the SDL1 code is ported to SDL2.
I absolutely want to avoid a duplicated copy of the ffplay code in our
source tree (and I don't want to consider #ifdery in ffplay either).


Clément B.

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